Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of Asian Americans Advancing Justice is to promote a fair and equitable society for all by working for civil and human rights and empowering Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other underserved communities.

Vision Statement
We envision a fair and equitable society for all that ensures civil and human rights for Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and other communities. To achieve this, we will work together—as equal and independent partners under one name, speaking with one unified and powerful voice—to promote justice, empower our communities, bring local and national constituents together, and strengthen our multi-racial democracy.
Values Statement
Respect for human dignity
We uphold the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family and recognize this to be the foundation of social justice.
Transparency and honesty
We are transparent and honest about how we implement our vision and mission and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.
Accountable to community
We value the rich diversity of our communities and understand that the power of our work—locally and nationally—is grounded in our responsiveness to their needs and perspectives.
Elevating voices
We work towards creating a more just society by elevating the voices of the most disadvantaged and underserved members of our community.
Inclusive collaboration
We believe in coalition-building to bring together diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, as well as other communities of color and underserved communities, in order to advance social justice. Our vision of social justice does not come at the cost of other marginalized communities.
Creating solutions
We focus on creating innovative and systemic solutions to the challenges that we face in advancing justice.
Achieving excellence
We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in providing analysis, expertise and representation.
Courageous and committed advocacy
We advocate for social justice and the needs of marginalized communities no matter how difficult or unpopular the cause. We commit to the long-term work that is required for true social change.